Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's back on!

I am heading back in less than 3 weeks (Jan 28)!  After closely following the developments in Haiti and a few prayers, I have decided it is safe enough for me to rebook my ticket.  I was very hesitant, as American Airlines refused to waive my cancellation fee and I didn't want to lose more money in the case of this trip not happening. 

Originally, the Haitian Runoff Election was set for Jan 16th, with results being released on Jan 26th.  So the idea of going on Jan 28th was a little daunting, knowing the violence that broke out after the initial election results were announced.  However, OAS (The Organization of American States) has been reviewing the results and will not have reached a decision in time to hold a runoff on Jan 16th.  The election has been delayed till at least February.  So off I go!

I am going with the same group that I signed up with in November, New Reality International.  I will be in a tent city that houses 55,000 displaced Haitians and is very active in Cholera relief and prevention.  I am lucky enough to be taking a co-worker and friend, Janae, with me.  She has never been to Haiti before and I can not wait for her to get this experience.  

Of course, I am taking two large duffel bags stuffed with supplies.  I will post a list of what is needed shortly.  

As always, thanks for reading!

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