Sunday, August 29, 2010

Getting the details

We are gradually nailing down the details of our trip.  Surprisingly, there aren't a ton of planes flying into Port-au-Prince daily, so we are going to spend a good day (at least) traveling.  We are debating whether we should leave Denver early Friday (Oct 1) and get to Miami at 2pm or take a later flight and go through Dallas to get to Miami around 8pm. Our flight to Haiti doesn't leave until 5 am on Sat morning, so we may try to stuff a bunch of us into a hotel room so we can get a somewhat decent night's sleep until the real journey begins.  I'm a little bummed about the trip beginning a little sooner than we expected, because Oct 1st is Jace's 3rd birthday.  However, every time I  look at him, I feel completely blessed that he (and the rest of our family) has so much to be grateful for, and that only drives my desire to complete this mission. 

One of my mission mates, Ashley, has been on numerous trips to Haiti through Red Rocks Church. She sent me slideshows from both her 2009 and 2010 trips.  Her pictures were amazing and only intensified all of my feelings towards this trip.  Her pictures show something that most of us can only imagine and to know that I will be THERE, taking similar pictures myself, in a month can be somewhat of an overwhelming thought. Luckily, I have so much to do, I don't have time to think about it!

We are starting to narrow down our supply list for the clinics we are visiting.  Zander's second grade class has taken up a collection for children's flip flops, soccer balls, colors and coloring books.  It's really exciting to see him get the "mission bug" and inspire his classmates to donate to the cause. 

We have decided to ask for help collecting over the counter medications, such as Aspirin, Ibuprofin.  We are also hoping to get some antibacterial ointment, fun bandaids, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, oral care stuff and q-tips...just for starters.  

My fundraising is going well and I cannot even begin to express my appreciation! 

I still have seats on my casino bus for Sept 18th.  If you mention, this blog, I'll drop your ticket price to $15!!!!  So grab your friend, your gaming card, and your lucky rabbit's foot and come along!

Thanks for reading!

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